2:6 I Wanna Know Who the Hell that Guy Is

This week we discuss the known facts of the Westside Park Murders with criminal behaviorist and investigator, Sarah Cailean. She lends he 20+ years of experience to help us create a very basic profile of Kim and Ethan’s killer and outline some avenues for investigation.

If you like what you hear from Sarah, you can also find her on HLN’s “Hell in the Heartland”, as well as on recent episodse of podcast like Die-Alogue, Crawlspace, and 3 Men and a Mystery.


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Infamous Indy Interview

This episode Joe talks to the host and researcher behind the Circle City Crime Podcast. His podcast focuses on the 1879 murders of four fast-food restaurant workers who were abducted in Marion County but murdered in Johnson County. We go over some of the main details but suggest you listen to the 3C podcast to get the full details. Both Infamous Indy and the 3C podcast are part of Central State Studios. 

2:3 So Many Theories, So Little Proof

There are lots of specific theories that have been floated in the Westside Park Murders over the years, but we feel it important to discuss, and eliminate if possible, categories of theories for people who are less familiar with this case. In this episode we go over the ideas that the Westside Park Murders were the act of a serial killer or simple a random thrill kill.

2:1 Murders in Middletown

Things like this just don’t happen in Muncie, but in the late hours of Saturday September 28, 1985, the lives of Kimberly Dowell and Ethan Dixon were tragically and senselessly taken as they sat in the city’s Westside Park, the same as dozens of other teens who went home safely that night. The city itself is as big a character in this story as any person…so we present to you Muncie, Indiana.

2:1 Season 2 Trailer – The Westside Park Murders

We’ve embarked on the journey for truth in another of Indiana’s most tragic and senseless unsolved homicides. Two young people, Ethan Dixon and Kimberly Dowell, were gunned down on Saturday, September 28, 1985 in Muncie’s Westside Park. Lots of people from Muncie will tell you they know who did it, but they haven’t all settled on a single suspect. We’ll go down all the rabbit holes in pursuit of one thing…the truth.

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1:27 Burger Chef Murders Update, Part 2

This will likely be our last update for quite some time on this case, and we need your help. Dive into this latest theory with us and help up make heads or tales of the world that surrounded victim Mark Flemmonds in 1978.


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1:26 Burger Chef Murders Update, Part 1

In the first part of our 2+ hour long update on the Burger Chef Murders, we highlight a few corrections we’d make to recently-released media about the case, including early episodes of our own podcast, give our thoughts on some theories highlighted in the Red Ball Podcast, and play audio from an interview with one-time suspect, Donald Forrester.

Part 2 coming soon! In part two, we’ll share our latest tips and theories.



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