1:19 40 Years of Silence

One of the biggest questions we get about this case is how could the people who did this keep it a secret for so long? Maybe they died, maybe they moved away, or maybe they didn’t really try to keep it a secret at all.

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1:18 Darrell Crabtree| A History of Violence


We wrap up with a discussion on Darrell Crabtree, including some new information we’ve learned since our last episode and some ideas on where we’re taking the investigation next.
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Indy Star 12/15/1982

1:16 The Crabtree Connection

In this episode we begin to discuss suspects never before named by authorities. Some we have been able to verify were looked into in the early years of this, while others may be getting scrutinized for the first time. 

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Episode Sources: IndyStar (May 2, 1980 Ed.) and Franklin Daily Journal (May 5, 1980 Ed.)

1:15 The Story Behind the Story

This week we learn some new info the about early hours of this case straight from some people who were there, and we take a look at what we know about the current status of the official investigation, including a State Police Investigator that refuses to play by the rules.

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1:14 Rumors Through the Years

The combination of 40 years time and very little real information has lead to one inevitable outcome regarding the Burger Chef Murders: Rumors. Which ones are true? Do you ignore them all? Why do so many of them mirror each other? Find out what we think on this week’s episode.

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1:11 Bad Company

Brett Kimberlin was tied to drug smuggling activities from Maryland to Texas, had is name mentioned in connection with a cold-blooded murder in Speedway, IN, and was convicted of setting off six bombs in the same Indianapolis suburb, but are people crazy when they think Brett Kimberlin when they think about the Burger Chef Murders?

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